Software Development

Our software staff is experienced in firmware, device driver and application designs – we’d be happy to work with you existing hardware and create software that interacts with it.

Our software staff is experienced in firmware, device driver and application designs. Our software engineers are familiar with a variety of processors (Motorola 680×0, 68302, Intel 80×86, Pentium, Hitachi 64180) and operating systems (UNIX, DOS, Windows, Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, OS-9, OS-9000, VRTX, pSOS+). Our software development is primarily performed in C/C++ and Assembler, though we can support many other programming languages.

  • Experienced in firmware, device drivers, custom application designs, controls, human interfaces, custom protocols, etc.
  • Familiar with all major processors (Motorola 68xxx, Intel Pentium/x86, Hitachi SH/X180) plus Embedded ARM
  • Operating systems (Windows CE/7/8/9X, Embedded CE, UNIX, LINUX, Real time LINUX, VxWorks, OS-9, VRTX, pSOS+)
  • Develop in C, C++ and Assembler language
  • Experience in PASCAL, Forth, BASIC, and OS/2
  • Mat-Lab, Lab View

Systems Engineering Experience Examples

  • Electronics control systems for a family of digital copier/scanner/ and printer products
  • Complete DSP controls for a military and Lab Mass TOF Mass Spectrometer
  • Complete Controls, custom supply, and SW for a PCR Thermo-cycler Product
  • Designed Two separate Gas Chromatograph Product families
  • Electronics controls of color mid-range Multi-Function Office Product Family
  • Designed CCD and FWA Custom document scanners. Supported custom designed sensors.
  • Took LED based color spectrophotometer to production with patents pending
  • Hands free voice operated portable PC solution for military operations
  • Combination I/O board for Sun SPARC Station
  • HDLC applications for Golden Casket National Lottery
  • PID intelligent control system, supervisory console and software for industrial control
  • Custom turnkey military systems
  • PostScript accelerator/laser printer engine driver
  • PCIB Family 386/486/586 PC compatible computer system