Hardware Design And Development

Our hardware staff is experienced in digital/analog/telecommunication designs (including several patents). We are quality conscious and believe that a product has little merit unless it can be manufactured cleanly and profitably. Appcon can provide algorithms and test station designs to ease the manufacturing phase. We feel it is important to develop the test design in parallel with the product.

The Appcon Group is entirely computerized from schematic capture to PCB design. The hardware engineering staff participates directly in the PCB layout and critical trace routing, minimizing layout errors and possible EMI/RF emissions. Output from schematic capture can be formatted to all existing standards. Output from PCB program is client specified. We specialize in fast turnaround of PC card layouts.

  • Experienced in Digital/Analog/Controls Custom Product Design (multiple patents)
  • Circuit Simulation using Altera Test Bench and Circuit / Math CAD packages
  • Video, CCD, Imaging pipeline processing, color management, etc.
  • Hardware staff participates directly in PCB layout, critical trace simulation and routing
  • Fast turnaround of PWB card layouts
  • Develop test design in parallel with product
  • Highly talented, flexible design staff