Our staff ranges from five to thirty years of experience within the Western New York engineering services. The Rochester NY area provides a unique history of groundbreaking technologies and is still the home of top fortune 500 companies, rich with optical, controls, electronics, military, commercial and university research excellence. Most of our personnel have worked together in a variety of high tech companies. Our team approach implies that your job is handled by creative professionals who can communicate with one another and who are sensitive to each phase of a design cycle from concept to production. Our alliance with top research, world class optical, medical, can commercial enterprises and their suppliers provides access to a virtual expansive engineering doorway.

The Software Engineering Services team has extensive experience in the management of projects ranging from a single developer to a team of over 40 developers. These projects have covered such diverse areas as large-scale Unix tool development, Windows-based OS and application development, device driver development for a wide range of non-embedded and embedded operating systems and custom real time embedded applications using our own or the latest embedded OS solutions.

The Software Engineering Group has experience with all facets of software project management, including customer requirements collection, project design and architecture development, project scheduling and management, problem tracking and reporting, after-sales support and continuing engineering support.

With a group of Software Engineers with a diverse engineering background, the Software Engineering Services Team can provide software solutions for all types of projects, coving both embedded and non-embedded software solutions. The Software Engineering Services Team has experience in all types of embedded and non-embedded software development projects, including OS kernel development, OS device driver development, application development and real-time OS and application development